Make-Music in de opnamestudio voor een promosong

 Januari 2012

Jamsessie in Dakar, Senegal in 2010

This clip was shot in Senegal - Dakar, during the work trip with Bonjour Afrique.

As part of the celebration for the opening of a school for 200 children in Medina Gounass founded by the Belgian organisation Bonjour Afrique there was a concert with Senegalese and Belgium artists.

While local Senegaleze musicians where waiting to perform together with the Belgian group The Ditch, Belgium based percussionist Geert Vander Sypt took the opportunity to play together with local top percussionists.

During this short but powerful jam session the atmosphere was unforgettable.


Tony Robbins vuurloop in Rome 2009

This clip was made in Rome during the Firewalk by Tony Robbins on September 25, 2009 as part of the seminar unleash the power within. The percussion band creates intense energy for a crowd of 6500 people.On the amazing beats created by the band, the participants walk barefoot over hot coals. 

350 Djembéspelertjes op het schoolfeest in De Spoele te Lokeren